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Atorvastatina generico e atorvastatin hexal kaufen similar ia: a postmortem examination of male. Ann. med. Polonica, 53: 229-236. Bour, R., P.F.T. Jones, and M.Z. Karpiejczyk. (1985). Anatomia of the brain: an anatomic approach. Aphasiology, 7: 55-85. Breitenbach, G. (1979). The concept of "dementia praecox": a general outline, with critical survey. Dementia, 12: 59-84. Breitenbach, G., W.J.M. van Leeuwen, P.J.M. de Langevelde, R.R. Stoll, et al. (1983). The diagnosis of "dementia praecox" based on the pattern of abnormal brain tissue deposition. Dementia, 12: 79-98. Breitenbach, G. (1989). Memory loss and dementia after stroke. Neurology, 34: 887-886. Breitenbach, G. (1991). Stable long-term memories in patients with Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury. Psychiatr. General, 39: 519-526. Briggs, W. (1998). Traumatic injury and the course of dementia: case a postulated cause. Dementia, 32: 393-402. Burd, M., A.B. Akerlind, and S. H. Johnson (1988). The impact of subarachnoid hemorrhage on the brain in patients with cerebral infarction. A review. Stroke, 10: 507-511. Burisic, E.P., W.H. Hirschhorn, J.J. Stoodley, I.J.C. McQuiston, atorvastatin 40 mg kaufen and K.S. Lee. (1991). The impact of cerebrospinal fluid damage on a normal brain. Neurology, 34: 599-606. Burgess, M.S. (1995). What is Alzheimer's disease? A guide for the medical community. 3rd ed. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Burwell, C.J., L.L. Miller, F.R. Piazza, E.R. Lee, and J.M. Sacco. (1992). Hypoxaemia in experimental cerebral palsy: effects of a subclotting agent, hypochloretha and hypobaric hypoxia. Neurology, 33: 1717-1723. Burwell, C.J., B.L. Safford, B.S. Briscoe, and J.P. Spor. (1997). Hypoxic-ischemic brain injury: clinical and radiological abnormalities in patients with ischemic neurological deficits. Brain, 119(Pt 3): 513-526. Canepa, D., G. Sosa, J. De Leo, M. Garcia, G. Arroyo, et al. (1988). Hypoxaemia induces degeneration of the hippocampal CA3 and dentate gyrus synapses. Science, 234: 2424-2426. Candow, J.F.: The neurobiology of dementia. A neuropathological examination the postmortem brain of a patient with mild Alzheimer's disease. Curr. Opin. Neurology, 7: 643-647. Carleton, G., P.O. McNeilly, and R.H. McIlroy. (1993). The effects of focal ischemia by brain in rats. Br. J. Pharmacol., 118(4): 492-499. Ceriani, T.L., F.C. Jafal, and H. Schulenberg. (1993). Inhibition of the excitatory signaling cascade by gamma agonists, cholinesterase inhibitors and beta blockers at presynaptic postsynaptic sites. Neurosci Lett, 205: 77-81. Centor, G., M. A. Lissauer, K. Dutta, S. Lee, A. C. Krasna, and H. Dutta. (1995). Neurally-induced glutamate release after intracerebroventricular d-amphetamine stimulates glutamate release in brain slices of guinea pig substantia nigra. Brain Res Comm. Neurobiol, 32: 1583-1587. Chamie, J.G. (1995). Dementia: An American specialty in brain trauma. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Clark, G. (1991). Anatomy and pathology of a case late-onset Alzheimer's disease.
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