Apple MacBook ARM Processor: Release Date, Price And Specification

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Apple’s first ARM processor Mac will be launched in November 2020 and it will be a laptop. As per Mark Gurman, next week, Apple’s first AMW processor Mac laptop will be launched. This laptop will be launched by Apple Silicon. Mark Gurman also disclosed the fact that this ARM processor laptop will be thinner and lighter than the previous model.  Also, earlier this year, Apple Silicon mentioned that this new model has a common architecture of iPad and iPhone.

That’s it? Definitely no, there are more stories to come. Fortunately, here the experts associated with MacBook Repair Dubai can help you get every information about this latest Apple model. 

Apple MacBook with the ARM Processor? Launch Date?

Recently, Apple has announced an event that will be held on 10th Nov. Hence, we can expect that this ARM processor Mac laptop will be launched then and there. According to the sources, on that day, Apple is going to introduce two models. However, we have to wait till then. 

How Much Will it Cost?

Though, Apple Silicon still has not declared the cost of this amazing model. However, experts believe that the starting price will be near about £999. Apart from this, on 24th July, Apple Silicon tweeted that the amount will be about $800. However, after making the tweet, they immediately deleted it. Also, it’s known that, whenever Apple introduces a new product, in the beginning, the price will grow. 

What is the Apple MacBook ARM Processor?

Apple clearly mentioned the fact that in the new model, they used Apple Silicon rather than using the Intel Processor. In some recent models, Apple already uses its processor in spite of using the Intel Processor- such as the iPhone and iPad. Also, some of the Mac laptops already come with Apple processors. Let’s take an example, T1 and T2 security chips are already installed within multiple Macs. Remember that, it’s not the first time when Apple made such changes. In 2006, Apple moved to Intel from PowerPC. Now, in 2020, they made another big change. 

Specification of ARM Processor

Hope, till now you know all about the processor. Is it enough? No. As in this model, Apple introduced several other features. Komiya, another Apple leaker, described the specification in detail. 

According to him, it is equipped with an 8GB /16GB RAM, an A14X chip. Also, the storage capacity will be in between 256GB to 512GB. The biggest advantage of this, MacBook ARM processor laptop is that it has an amazing battery life of 20 hours.  Let’s see some other specifications of this new model. And, the best part is that if you face any glitch, you can easily take the gadget to MacBook Repair Dubai. 

Graphics Card

This is one of the most important that buyers consider, before purchasing a laptop or computer. According to a new report, the new GPU will provide higher computing performance, as well as offer better performance per watt.  

This report also mentioned clearly, this new graphic card comes with tile-based deferred rendering technology. It means, with this technology, you can easily operate the more powerful game and application software to your device. Apple also says that, from now, they will use this GPU in all their latest models. 

Face ID on new Mac Laptop

Now, when Apple introduced Apple Silicon within the new model, they are also going to introduce Face ID on the new Mac laptop with the ARM processor. Face ID is a common feature on both the iPad and iPhone. And many customers claim that the Mac doesn’t have a Face ID. 

Therefore, if you have waited for the Face ID on a Mac device, then soon your dreams will come true. As the new Mac laptop with ARM processor will come with a TrueDepth Camera and by using it, you can use the Face ID on your Mac device. 

This TrueDepth Camera, not only unlocks the Face ID but also this feature helps you to automatically log in to multiple sites. 

When will you be able to use Face ID on the new Mac laptop?

In the previous section, we have already mentioned that with the TrueDepth camera, you can quickly unlock Face ID on the new Mac laptop. Now, the question is how is it possible? Well, experts associated with MacBook Repair Dubai have an answer. The TrueDepth camera will enable the 3D scan of the Face ID. After that, it will detect a PearlCamera that was the system’s internal name, also known as capture or FaceDetect. 

Then, you just have to enter the code within the required field and the Face ID will unlock. However, remember that you can only unlock the Face ID, on the Mac laptop, when you are using an ARM processor. Moreover, after moving from Intel processor to ARM processor, you can use the Face ID on a Mac laptop.

Mac Laptop ARM Processor Software

We highly expect that the Apple Silicon AMW processor will run on macOS Big Sur. As this OS is developed for both types of Mac. However, Apple Silicon can be able to run on other OS, as well. As per the report made by the WWDC, you can run this device on iOS software. It simply indicates that the developer doesn’t have to develop another version of the OS.

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Should you wait for the Mac laptop ARM Processor?

In the end, we want to suggest that wait until the launch of this product, so that you can get the most updated Apple MacBook laptop. This upcoming model will surely come with amazing features and with this device, you can deliver more productivity within the same period. If you wish to know more about it, then just contact the experts associated with MacBook Repair Dubai.