Cork Could Play Key Role In Irish Food-Tech Plans

Another treat for Irish food companies is knocking the door as Bord Bia has some new data in their hand. I must say the agency doesn’t get tired to surprise us and the food industry. Now, the report of research on market priority deserves some attention.

Irish Food

In most cases strategy for Irish food is the main focus, mostly based on Irish food producers. Now there is a vast opportunity to add another angle. Hooking up food with information technology is the ultimate game changer and ushering in a new era.

The new fusion of IT with the agri-food is going to ooze up the food market. The growth in the sector of food technology will ignite the industry in the coming days. Cork is the ethnicity of the world-class food engineering. But it has yet to invent the potential that exists on its own hand for food technology.

Cork has a worldwide network of IT companies while food industry is basically regional, particularly in UCC. So taking the initiation of summing up the strategies to develop the food tech companies will be easier in the region.

Development Needs To be Progress

The area is yet to develop. A number of small commercial properties fall in this region. These are perfect conditions to give birth to a new generation of tech-savvy food businesses.

Apple and the Cork Food Tech both share the same location. So there is a lot of chance to get help from Apple if Cork embraces Apple Systems to leave a remark on the global markets. And of course, it will be a neat connection to the past when Cork butter played a vital role in the world market. After ages, Cork is set to shine again.

Well in the 1770s it was a physical business. But in recent times food tech companies do exist, mostly in cloud-based internet systems.

Food technology covers a lot of things and holds a wide compass. From including sensors and software to help farmers analyze and optimize their fields, food technology is covering a big area. Other applications like production, selling, distribution as well as consumption business models are shaking up the traditional methods.

A large number of investors are there who spend so much money on start-ups to exploit these rapidly revolving aspects of developing food technology. According to an online research, the USA alone spent $1.1billion in 99 deals in 2017.

This new trend is becoming really popular and spreading at a rapid rate. The new food brands are getting a lot of opportunities. The food-tech market is adopting a new lifestyle, a new food style for safe and healthy products.

Not only start-ups but the entrepreneurs are also getting lots of opportunities. A great prospect is waiting to welcome them.

No doubt there will be a lot of challenge to proceed with Food-Tech hub in Cork but many obstacles will be there. But at the end, the prize will be dynamic. The world will get a progressive global market.

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