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Erytop lotion cost $23.99 for an ounce. For people who don't want to take their lotion with them, here's a list of lots things you can buy for that. example, I can buy an entire box of lotion for $12 in the United States. And if you have a lotion or body wash available in your home, you can just purchase it and throw in your cart. Or you can try going online. easily find lots of lotion products here. I would definitely look for one made by Body Art Cosmetics. They can help you find the absolute best price for lotion or any other body product (for example, they have a lotion for men that is made of a mixture the ingredients, so it has a lot more moisturizing properties than the ones that are just for women): These lotion products tend to be more expensive, so it's better to buy only what you need. However, they tend to make a lot of different kinds lotion, so it's not like a huge gamble. There are also lots of lotion products in the stores that you can find if you're struggling to the perfect products for your skin type. And there's plenty of lotion body products online from the most reputable brands as well: But do it slowly — a lot of them take while to dry. What should I store for my long-term use? Some people like to store their makeup/balms and body lotion/sweatbands in the fridge for easy access and storage. Others like to keep them all together in a big bin, sort of like a mini fridge. And if you're going through life changing changes, like when you get married, going through a relationship breakup, or you have a baby — then you probably do a lot of these things all summer time. My personal advice: store your makeup and body lotion/sweatbands in the fridge (if you can find it). It's less likely that thieves will steal them from the refrigerator. In case of pregnancy and post birth (such as baby showers) — I tend to store them a little warmer to keep them from getting too cold. I've had baby showers where the shower supplies lasted almost a month, which is really lot of lotion for just one woman. You can also put your makeup items in a ziploc bag, or your regular makeup bag (which you can find at drugstores, or Amazon, wherever you can buy a zipper bag). Zippered makeup bags can be made into mini storage bins. You can even make one of these yourself. What kind of things should I use my homemade lotion for? A lot of women find that they need a lot of moisturizing body lotion. Personally, I'm super sensitive to sunlight, and it's very difficult for me to use lotion with any moisturizers, that has the potential to give me sunburn (like lotions with sunscreen) or irritation (like lotions that have sunblock). But if you do need a lot of lotion for your skin, you can try using your homemade lotion on damp skin first, which should help keep your skin hydrated and nourished. You can add a few drops/syrups – like honey, tea, or maple syrup — to your homemade lotion help absorb the lotion, because it also has a lot of water, and it's often really nice to have a little liquid in things, especially for a hot summer day.

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