Food Technology Advancement in Singapore

The National University of Singapore and Wilmar International jointly opened a research laboratory. Both the companies decide to carry out clinical nutrition and synthetic biology research to create healthy lifestyle products for Singapore and the world.

National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore, Wilmar and NUS setup a research laboratory at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. They hope that the new laboratory will enhance the quality of the food products.

Moreover, the researchers will get an opportunity to carry out research and development and to contribute for the welfare of society. The complete research initiative will have an expenditure of around $80 m.

Objective of the Research

The laboratory has been launched keeping in mind two primary objectives-

  • First one is to develop healthy and quality foods to mitigate the health issues.
  • Secondly, researchers want to produce chemical compounds using all the natural sources in a cost-effective manner to facilitate Singapore users.

Researchers at the laboratory will demonstrate how minute alterations in absorption and metabolism can help to prevent diseases. Appropriate choice of foods can help in improving one’s health and well-being.

At the laboratory, researchers will engineer microbes and enzymes in such a way that one can avail of natural resources or food products by spending less money. Thus, their aim is to achieve two goals-

  • first one is to cure lifestyle-related diseases
  • produce sustainable chemicals.

Food Technology

Illustration About The Research

In the laboratory, the researchers will conduct a research for preparing healthy cooking oil. That cooking oil will help to reduce the cholesterol level in the older age groups.

It will increase the muscle mass and will improve the taste perception. Researchers have made plans for food products that can help in controlling weights, blood glucose, and lipids.

Healthy cooking oil can also prove to be beneficial for managing diabetes and obesity. Scientists of the laboratory are also focusing on that aspect too.

The NUS and Wilmar Collaboration

NUS is excited to work with Wilmar. They hope that in the mere future, the scientists will certainly make some ways to improve the health condition of the adults.

Both NUS and Wilmar are hoping that scientists will produce some really good results. This will facilitate not only the citizens of Singapore but also facilitate citizens all over the world.

Singapore will also be facilitated in the field of education and research as well. Significant improvements can be seen in the research field of synthetic biology, food science, and nutrition in the past few years.

Companies are investing more and more in the research field to create new products and for enhancing business growth. NUS and Wilmar have collaborated to enhance the lifestyle of the Singapore citizens. New products will bring in health and economic benefits for the people of Singapore.

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