Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review

Now the question is why should we select the Garmin DASH CAM 55 while there are other Garmin products in the market. The DASH CAM 55 has some unique reviews than the other Dash cams. It is a compact dashboard camera with excellent video and image quality. It is very much helpful for protecting us from unknown drivers and pedestrians. So here we will discuss about the Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review and other details of Garmin DASH CAM 55.


It is a tiny compact dashboard camera with a lens of 1.5 cm. It is like a size of a matchbox with a small mounting mechanism. It includes a 20p piece metal disc that sticks with a 3M adhesive to the windscreen. Then it is connected magnetically with an attached mounting arm to the camera with a ball and socket joint. The DASH CAM 55 is adjustable with the windscreen to get a perfect road view. This DASH CAM 55 has a better mounting system than a suction cup. The internal battery is rated to 30 minutes for a long journey so that we need to plug the camera in. There is a Garmin parking mode cable that draws a power supply from the car’s battery and enables the camera for recording and detects movement when the car is being parked. This whole process needs professional installation to set up and enable the DASH CAM 55. 

Manual Settings:

Now coming to the menu and manual settings we will know how to install the Garmin DASH CAM 55. It requires some stages to set up the camera when it is first turned on and we will be asked to choose whether the camera is in the right, left or in a central position on the screen. We can select the option whether we are fixing it in a taller vehicle or in a regular size car. The date and time will be automatically fixed by the GPS signal. 

During the set up we will see there are four buttons in the device to control the menu. The menu has a simple operation including the icons and then text-based options and also this menu can be simply controlled through voice mode. The voice mode is very much supportable for this Garmin DASH CAM 55, we just need to say “Okay Garmin” and require to do the rest of the steps via voice. 

We can also do the manual settings of DASH CAM 55 via WiFi connection with the help of the VIRB mobile app that is only used for browsing the recordings and images on the device and to send it in the mobile. 


The Garmin DASH CAM 55 includes some unique specifications compared to other Dash cam devices. Here are some specifications of the DASH CAM 55 :

  1.  The Garmin DASH CAM 55 includes a CMOS sensor of 3.7 megapixels. 
  2. It has an LCD panel of 2.2 X 1.6 X 1.3 inches. 
  3. The DASH CAM 55 includes a GPS tracking system for tracking the location with video.
  4.  It has a G-sensor which is used to detect incidents. 
  5.  It has an extreme resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels. 
  6.  WiFi connection is applicable for the  Garmin DASH CAM 55 device with the smartphone app.
  7. It has an 8 GB micro SD card that needs to be inserted into the android or iOS devices to display the videos.
  8.  The DASH CAM 55 is costlier than other Garmin devices.  


Some of the features of the Garmin DASH CAM 55 are as follows :

1. Video Quality:

The DASH CAM 55 has an impressive video and image quality with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels. Though it is not so well such as 4K quality but it is good enough to see. It records 720p at 30 fps,1080p at 30 fps and 60 fps,1440p at 30 fps with high dynamic range. 

2. Software:

We can see the recordings on our android devices by connecting the camera via WiFi. Then we need to boot it up with the VIRB app only for displaying the saved videos but we can not edit or adjust it. Initially, it will be difficult to understand the menu systems but after a trial, it will be obvious. 

3. Safety:

The DASH CAM 55 includes some extra safety features such as a GPS system for tracking the location of the video, a G-sensor that is used to detect incidents, a forward-collision warning system to detect the closeness of another car in front of me, etc. It also includes a lane departure warning system that will notify us if we are roaming out of our way to a motorway and a Go Alert that will alert us if a car in front of us moving towards us. 

4. Voice Control:

It is one of the best advantages of DASH CAM 55 that it can be operated through voice mode. Some voice commands may include like “Take a  picture”, “Save the video”, “ Record audio” etc.   

Drawbacks :

1. Smartphone App:

Smartphone apps such as the VIRB app have some limited control when it is connected via WiFi with the DASH CAM 55.  VIRB app can be used only for displaying the saved videos but if we want to adjust the menu then we can not do it.

2. Power Adapter:

In the case of Garmin DASH CAM 55 we can not remove the car power adapter from the cable. 

3. Cost:

The price of the DASH CAM 55 is quite expensive than the other Garmin cam devices. It may be costly to the new users who want to buy a Dash cam. 

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The Garmin DASH CAM 55 is one of the best dash cams of the Garmin products. Though it is expensive but it provides us good video and image quality and some useful safety features. So, here we have discussed some reviews and other details of the DASH CAM 55 which will be very helpful for the buyers who want to choose it for their security.  It has a unique voice control mode so that we can easily operate it via voice and commands.