Why Should We Choose Garmin Fenix 5X Plus?

garmin fenix 5x plus review

Now it is an important question why should we select Garmin FENIX 5X plus, as there are so many Garmin products available in the market. Garmin FENIX 5X Plus is more advanced in features than the Garmin FENIX 5X and others. It is a navigational sports watch that can display us atmospheric pressure, directions, GPS location, phone notifications, time etc. So, we will discuss here about the Garmin FENIX 5X plus review and its other details.

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Design:

Garmin FENIX 5X plus includes a bulky but stylish design and has a bright color screen with a sleek black stainless steel bezel. This watch is 17.5 mm thick with a black silicone band, and it has a display resolution of 240 X 240 pixels which is better for the maps. It consists of a heart rate monitor, a GPS tracking system and a pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen. It also includes some sensors such as  GLONASS, optical heart rate, compass, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, thermometer and accelerometer. Garmin FENIX 5X plus is a very sensitive fitness-tracking sports watch that uses the red light instead of the green heart rate light (when stationary). 

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Specifications

The new Garmin FENIX 5X plus includes lots of specifications  that are discussed below :

  1. Garmin FENIX 5x plus has a dimension of 51 X 51 X 17.5 mm with a display resolution of  240 X 240 pixels. 
  2. It has a display size of 30.4mm x 30.4mm and it is visible in sunlight.    
  3. The face size of the watch is 51 mm and the band width is 22 mm.
  4. Fenix 5x plus includes a rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery with a battery life up to 20 days for a smartwatch, up to 32 hours for GPS tracking system and up to 70 hours for UltraTrac mode.
  5.  As it is a water-resistant watch it has a water rating of 10 ATM/100 meters. 
  6. It has 16 GB memory and it is supportable for wireless connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth and ANT+.
  7.  Garmin FENIX 5X plus is limited up to 500 songs. 
  8.  FENIX 5X plus consists of a pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen. 
  9.  It includes some swim profiles such as pool swimming, open swimming and some cycling profiles such as Biking, Indoor biking, Mountain biking, Triathlon. It also has some outdoor recreation profiles such as Hiking, Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Rowing and Jumpmaster.
  10.  It can measure some Gym Activities such as Strength, Cardio, Stair Stepping, Elliptical Training, Floor Climbing, Yoga etc. 

Feature of Garmin Fenix 5X Plus :

Garmin FENIX 5X plus includes lots of features as compared to other Garmin fitness trackers. Some of its features include :  

1. Altimeter and Barometer:

Garmin FENIX 5X plus has an advanced feature that includes an altimeter and a barometer that works as a storm alarm and warns us when the atmospheric pressure drops. This will help us, especially when we are in a mountain and a storm is coming.

2. Compass:

FENIX 5X plus includes a compass for navigation support. It will help us to identify the directions when we are lost in a jungle or mountain. 

3. Battery Life:

Fenix 5x plus consists of  an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery life up to 20 days for smartwatch, up to 32 hours for GPS tracking system and up to 70 hours for UltraTrac mode.

4. Accuracy:

It has better performance and accuracy than the other Garmin products. It measures the heart rate monitor, navigation and distance with better accuracy. 

5. GPS Tracking:

FENIX 5X plus can track the locations using the GPS tracker with its latest Galileo system.  It utilizes satellite systems to provide us the accurate locations with its background navigation map.

6. Pulse Oximeter:

It is one of the unique features of Garmin FENIX 5X plus. The pulse oximeter measures the oxygen level in our blood. Pulse oximeter tells us whether the oxygen level in our blood is low or high especially in high altitude. 

7. Garmin Pay:

We can easily pay online with our watch when we do not cash with us. We just need to add our credit card details in the Garmin connect app. But this feature only works for few banks. 

8. Phone Notifications:

FENIX 5X plus gives us phone notifications when we are running, swimming or doing some other activities. We just need to connect our mobile phones with FENIX 5X plus via wireless connections such as WiFi or  Bluetooth. 

9. Music:

Garmin FENIX 5X plus can transfer or store up to 500 songs. We can also listen to the songs with the help of Bluetooth headphones, without our android devices. 

10. Others:

It also has some other features including timer and sensors such as thermometer, GLONASS, phyroscope, accelerometer, optical heart rate etc. It can also measure and display some Gym, Swimming and Cycling activities. 

Drawbacks of Garmin Fenix 5X Plus:


Garmin FENIX 5X plus is expensive for new buyers. 

2.Music Support:

Garmin FENIX 5X plus does not support popular music streaming apps. It is difficult to download or transfer the music. 


The Garmin payment app is limited to few banks. So, if we want to pay with FENIX 5X plus it may be difficult for some users. 


It may be uncomfortable for the users to wear the larger size fitness watch with a jacket. 


Garmin FENIX 5X  plus is a perfect GPS watch to track locations with high accuracy. We can also listen to music with FENIX 5X plus watch via Bluetooth headphones. We can measure our heart rate and oxygen level in our blood with this. It also tracks our sports and gym activities. If you want to buy an all-in-one multi-sport watch then it will be a great choice. But the main problem with this new Garmin product is that it is quite expensive. It will be actually useful for hardworking and dedicated athletes who want to analyze their performance and accuracy in every step. 


Garmin FENIX 5X plus is one of the best sports watches including the GPS tracking system with its latest Galileo system. Here, we have discussed about the reviews of Garmin FENIX 5X plus and its other details.  Now, based on its excellent features we can decide whether it is suitable for us or not. Though the price is quite expensive, it will be the best choice for a dedicated sports person who wants to rectify and improve his performance.