Be Ready to Have an Adventure With Garmin Fenix5

If you are searching for an outstanding sports watch, the Garmin Fenix5 comes with its amusing features. It is truly a GPS watch with good battery backup, wilderness navigation, durable design, and wrist-based features. 

 Garmin Fenix5 is really an amusing watch available in 3 different sizes and in silicon or metal band. Its connection speed is so fast that is beyond your imagination. There are some control buttons on the side of the watch. Having an ultratrac battery Fenix5 works so long. Around 70% of people ranked it 5 stars. But there is one drawback that it is so high at price. Some people reviewed some negative words about its screen resolution. But before moving your eyes to the next one you must know about all the features of Garmin Fenix5.


The Garmin Fenix5 is specially used for rucking, running, biking and it also provides some special features for swimmers. You can wear it overnight for tracking sleep even with GPS and it can work for you because of its ultratrack battery.

Basic Features

Fenix5 has the basic features of other GPS watches, the most notable thing is the wrist heart rate sensor and it improves this feature itself. Fenix5 also connects Garmin’s online fitness community. There are control buttons on the side of the watch but it is also accessible by its touch screen technology which makes it more popular.

Advanced Features

This watch is specially designed for sportspersons like cyclists, swimmers, skiers, and snowboarders. This watch has a unique app that helps the watch to perform in those different activities. But one thing there is no depth meter in the watch which helps a swimmer. 


Garmin Fenix has updated apps in it which includes a fitness app. The snapshot screen is so catchy with its black background. There are two circles that calculate the steps and sleep that you have taken. There are some blocks below the circles that show Active Calories, Activities, My FitnessPal, Intensity Minutes and Floor Climbed.

To see activities like steps, sleep, running, swimming you just need to swipe left or right. You can also avail other apps like workout planner, heart rate monitor and car locators, just you need to download these apps on the Garmin website. 


 As a full-featured watch Fenix5 is comparatively thinner. Five screws hold a beveled, black bezel in place, three circular buttons on the left and two circular buttons on the right side that rings the 1.2-inch display, which makes it so elegant. And the touch screen technology touches the heart of the people. Among the series of Garmin Fenix5, this is the midsized version that Garmin introduced. It is available in two shapes, square and circle. The resolution of the screen improved to 240pX240p. It also increases the range of color. 


 In accordance with the long-lasting, Garmin Fenix5 leads to the top. The dual bevels that surround the face of the watch. The duel bevels are designed to protect the watch from unwanted damage. It has also a glass version but you need to be cautious about its damage. People desired the sapphire variant as “bomb-proof”.

Battery Life

One of the reasons people prefer wearing Garmin Fenix5 watches because they have no to worry to put it in charge. If the user doesn’t use the heart rate monitor or GPS then it will run more than 2 weeks. But the battery lasts for 24 hrs if a user using GPS.   


Garmin Fenix5 introduces a durable silicone band that is available in a variety of colors, you can upgrade the watch to a metal link band. The band is adjustable because of its dimples on its back.

Sizes Available

 The Garmin Fenix5 is available in three sizes. The smallest size in this series is 5S. It is overall 42mm and a 1.1-inch display. The standard-sized watch is 47mm includes a 1.2-inch display and the last one 5X has 51mm face and a 1.2-inch display. But the same thing in three watches, all the watches are 15.5mm in depth.

 Key Features

  • Available in glass or sapphire lens
  • Silicon or steel strap (it is replaceable)
  • 240X240 pixel resolution and color display
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatible
  • 3 power modes (Smartwatch, GPS, Ultartrac)
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows Smartphones


Garmin Fenix5 is quite high in price. But if you are thinking about adventure then just close your eyes and choose the Garmin Fenix5 GPS watch. You will feel tired after full day work but your watch will not, you will fall asleep but your watch will still awake and help you to weak up for the next adventure.