Garmin Forerunner 945: Not Just a Smartwatch – It is Much More

Garmin Forerunner 945

Wanted to listen to music! But the phone’s battery is low? Don’t worry, the Garmin Forerunner 945 is here to serve you the best one. Yes, don’t be surprised, your smartwatch with advanced technology brings to you a new feature that no one could ever give you. 

 A smartwatch having GPS, fitness tracker features are common but a smartwatch that plays music is an unimaginable thing. Garmin Forerunner 945 introduces a moderate smartwatch with a slim, polymer finish. It is a multi-sport watch and its performance will never hold you back.

Key Features

Before you know about the features of Garmin Forerunner 945 in detail some key features are been put as its baseline.

  • Added music storage/ playback via Bluetooth headphones
  • Added onboard detailed routable maps for the region you bought it in, with heatmap data in it
  • Added contactless/ NFC payments
  • Added pulse Ox (pulse oximeter data)
  • Added Respiration Rate
  • Added new Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor
  • Added training load focus stats
  • Added deeper training effect details/metrics
  • Added stress tracking
  • Added body battery functionality
  • Added heat acclimation
  • Added Incident Detection (If you crash your bike it notifies someone)
  • Added respiration rate (with a chest strap)
  • Added Safety/Tracking Assistance (you can press the button to send help alert to friends/family) 
  • Added Climb Pro for automated climb notifications
  • Increases battery life to 36 hours in GPS mode

Garmin Forerunner 945 Specifications

How much its Battery life in GPS mode?

 36 hours, and 10 hours for music.

Is it Water-resistant?

Yes (165 feet)

Does it support Bluetooth?


Does it support Smartphone Notification?


Does it include Heart Rate Monitor?



The Garmin Forerunner 945 comes with a plastic and silicon cover, This makes it thin and light. It has dark grey buttons on its side. Forerunner 945 is 50g only. 945 is 13.7 mm thick, which makes it more comfortable to wear. The 945 has 1.2-inch, 240X240 pixel display. But the thing is it has not a touchscreen facility, there are five buttons on the side of the watch that does all the work for the watch. If you look inside the watch there is a small green light that indicates optical heart rate and the red light stands for PulseOx sensor. 

Garmin Forerunner945 is not so bold but it is wearable at any time anywhere. And this is so comfortable that you will never feel to wear it off.

Health and Wealth metrics

Garmin Forerunner945 can do a lot for you. Outdoor games such as running, open water swimming, strength training, skiing that Forerunner945 supports, also supports indoor games too. There are customizable data screens with data fields, they are six in number. You can customize it while running. Only serious athletes choose Garmin Forerunner945. To track or calculate the performance of an athlete is considered as its goal. Its optimal performances are the same as other GPS watches, but what makes it special that is Forerunner945 can track your sleep, monitor your stress and more. 945 also has a sleep cycle. That computes the time when you fall into a deep sleep or the light, and awake.

Forerunner945 is not just a sleep tracker it is much more. If you want to measure your oxygen level at night you just need to activate the pulse oximeter. It also calculates your heart rate during a workout. 

New Features

Garmin Forerunner 945 provides more features that you will fall in love with it.

Offline Music:

Probably this is the outstanding feature among all that Forerunner 945 provides. For music lovers, this is excellent news that you don’t need to carry your phone anymore while running. Because your watch will serve music to you. To listen to your favorite music you just need to download playlists to 945 and connect it with Jabra Elite 65t earbuds and play them.

Garmin Forerunner 945 has the ability to add 1,000 music files. But the downloading process is not so easy, there are some steps you have to follow. 

First, you have to plug it into your computer then transfer the music you want. But if you have a premium account that supports streaming services like Spotify, then you can easily update your songs in a wireless process.

 Having no speaker it needs Bluetooth headphones or Earbuds to play music. 


It happens much time with us that we leave our wallets at home. Garmin Forerunner945 is one of those smartwatches that supports mobile payments. Garmin is accepted where Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted.

Emergency notification: When you go for a long run and stuck into a risky situation then Forerunner945 sends an email or text to your emergency contacts by clicking a button. They will be able to see and track your location. If you feel safe then you will be able to send another signal “all clear” to those contacts. Now a day this feature is not so fruitless.


Forerunner945 increases by 50% more battery backup for users and gives 36 hours more usage with GPS without music and 10 hours with music. It is much sufficient for any user. 

Easy mapping: It is so good for runners going to a new location and don’t know the safest and easiest way. Garmin Forerunner945 includes color topo maps that show altitude data with summits, streets, and points of interest. Before you set out for a run you can access the map and find a safe and popular place. You can also save a location that you liked and then you can track back to know your starting location. You can load up your GPS after you finish your workout and it will be visible on the map. It takes a few minutes to navigate and zooming using its buttons. 


You just need to use Garmin Forerunner945 one time, you will forget all the watches you have ever used. Forerunner945 will be with you all day, from morning to night. It helps you in a critical situation, shows you the safer way, so why won’t you call it your best friend!