Best Garmin GPS That Can Navigate You [Review]

Garmin GPS Reviews

We all know about the satellite-based navigation system, GPS (Global Positioning System), which is made up using 24 satellites. Anyone can take advantage of it in any weather conditions and from anywhere in the world. It works 24×7 restlessly. And the Garmin GPS system uses GPS satellites that orbit the earth. It circles the earth twice a day and sends the signal. The Garmin GPS receiver catches the signal from satellites and uses them to calculate the location of the user. 

Garmin GPS produces activity trackers, car GPS, and sports watches. But in between most activities, the most used one is Car GPS. Using your smartphone for driving might not enough today. Sometimes it fails to navigate you towards your right destination. But the GPS device helps to find your way so easily. You can reach your destination easily because it navigates you the proper way.

Garmin GPS can work without an internet connection. So, as a result, it can navigate you anywhere in any weather condition without coverage of the internet and you can free up your phone for other uses. As per research and Garmin GPS Reviews, Garmin DriveSmart 55 and Tom Tom Go 520 declares as the best Car GPS tracking system.


Among all GPS tracking systems Garmin DriveSmart55 probably the best GPS tracking system and has the highest record in the most popular Garmin GPS reviews. It includes driver alerts, points of interest and free map updates. The DriveSmart55 has a super-crisp 1200X720- pixel captive display, that helps you to read easily and gives a sharp display. It has multi-touch helps you to zoom in or out to a map and you will be able to see a smaller detail you need. The 55 model connects a smartphone via Bluetooth, it allows you to send locations to the device, incoming messages show to your screen and gives traffic information also.

The DriveSmart brand also offers some extra features as it shows you an area’s best sites and businesses, with integrated Trip-advisor ratings, History network sites, directories, monuments, notable parks, Museums with a picture that makes a user’s driving better. Besides it also responds to voice commands just like the best GPS unit works. Maybe it comes up with lifetime map updates. In contrast to other car GPS systems probably Garmin DriveSmart55 is a better option. 


TomTom Go520 is not so reliable to use. It needs a phone to work properly and to get all the features. It has poor battery backup. But as a plus point, it has a clear and widescreen. It gives slick mapping, that is easily updatable. It maintains the premium look, it is fully based on satellite navigation range. It is recommended to connect with home Wi-fi because of its simple setup. The maps are completely updated. You can access it from your device, need not use any computer. Zooming is made easier by it and the user can easily tap on icons in their need. Each icon has much information, by tapping on it user gets to know about every detail. Its collaboration with a smartphone for data is so easy that other Garmin GPS can’t do.

TomTom uses Bluetooth to connect a phone with itself. And the reason to connect a phone to a sat nav for the voice control and voice assistant. Users can make hand-free voice calls, it is a trend now a day, all you need to control this just need to press the button on the screen. If the user is not so happy with their own voice control then leave it on TomTom. TomTom has its own voice control process. 


For seamless navigating driving, you can use the above-mentioned GPS as per your choice. Both are user-friendly and easy to use according to the Garmin GPS Reviews and can change your experience of driving. Happy driving!


What is the difference between Garmin DriveSmart 55 and 65?

The Garmin DriveSmart 65 is bigger and heavier than the Garmin DriveSmart 55. There is also larger screen in the DriveSmart 65. The DriveSmart 55 uses higher display resolution screen, on the other hand.

Is Google Maps better than Garmin?

Google Maps aren’t Garmin’s viable option. They don’t use Garmin GPS bicycle devices which can be used on some smartphones over a charge of 12 hours, versus 2. They have other problems covered by the reply from Piaw Na.

Is Garmin better than Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is great smartwatch to put it as simply as you can, which is also very useful to people who want to get fit. It is better than the Garmin to get snapshot of your fitness and to keep track of your activities. Of course, it’s also more stylish and more all-round.