Garmin Vivofit 3 Review : How Long does its Battery Last?

Garmin Vivofit 3

The Garmin VIVOFIT 3 is a wearable tech with a 0.6 inch monochrome LCD that shows us steps, calories, sleep. Here, we will discuss about the Garmin VIVOFIT 3  and its design, specifications, setup, etc. We will also know about its reviews such as features and drawbacks. 

Design :

Now coming to the design it is designed as a water-resistant fitness tracker with a better screen compared to other fitness tracker. It has a bland and chunky design with an embossed diamond pattern rubber strip. It is less fashionable than VIVOFIT 2.It has different colors such as black, white, etc. 

It is designed with 1-year battery life and a monochrome LCD screen. There is an accelerometer sensor in Garmin VIVOFIT 3. The screen is quite visible in daylight and it has also a dim backlight to make the screen visible in the darkness. It is approximately  0.47 inches thick in case of an activity tracker without a heart rate monitor. We can wear it 24/7 and as it is totally water-resistant we can wear it in the shower. 

 VIVOFIT 3 includes a split-screen mode too that displays us “Home” screen with a little red-out at the bottom. We can see the time on the screen always. It is designed in such a manner that it will count and display the distance and calorie burn when we step anyway. It will automatically record your sleep and it also includes an alarm clock. It has a tiny speaker but it is not so loud as the other models. We can set an alarm with the help of the Gramin connect app. It does not have phone notifications. 

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Set-Up :

The VIVOFIT 3 includes a coin cell battery that will work for more than a year and does not require charging. At first, we have to create a Garmin Connect app with the help of our date of birth, email address, height, weight and activity level. We can do it with the help of our android devices and computers. From there the rest of the setup process can be done. Now we have to press and hold the VIVOFIT 3 button until it shows us the word “pair” and if the four-digit code in our phone matches with the code in VIVOFIT device then it is paired. 

After that, if we have Garmin connect account previously synced with the old Garmin device then we have to set the new VIVOFIT 3 as new but make sure that we have to default the device for Garmin connect before we start using the device otherwise it will not count the steps when we will start walking. 

Activity Tracking :

When we default the device with the Gramin connect account it will be activated and automatically sets our initial daily steps to 10,000. The VIVOFIT 3 device will adjust it up or down based on our daily step record and if we exceed the 10,000 step limit regularly, then the goal will be increased. It will also give us notification of how many steps we need to walk to reach the goal. When we will reach our step goal the device will beep automatically.

The VIVOFIT 3 display has a move bar like the other Garmin devices. If we do not move for 1 hour then the red bar will blink and fill halfway then the device will beep. Now if we do not move the move bar will continue to fill up every 15 minutes and will blink and beep again at the 2 hours. If we start walking again it will automatically clear the move bar. 

This device will also track our sleep and movements at night so that we can know how much time we slept at night comfortably. The VIVOFIT 3 device does not have a heart rate monitor but if we want to see the heart rate and other details then we have to sync the VIVOFIT 3 device with the ANT+ device and we can see the data in the Garmin Connect app. 

Specifications :

The Garmin VIVOFIT 3 has some specifications which we will discuss below.  

1.The Garmin VIVOFIT 3 is basically a wearable tech band with regular and extra-large size. 

2.It has a 0.6 inch monochrome LCD display with an accelerometer-type sensor. 

3.It shows us the display time, steps count, sleep tracking and it also includes an alarm clock with a tiny little speaker that will beep at the set time. 

4.We can operate it from the iOS and Android devices through the Garmin Connect app. 

5.It is off 0.9 kg and has a dimension of 0.4 X 0.8 mm with a one-year warranty.

6. VIVOFIT 3 has one-year battery life but it does not have a heart rate monitor, floor tracking and food tracking system.

7.It does not have a Bluetooth USB dongle and GPS system. 

Features :

1.Performance :

Though it does not have a heart rate monitor and GPS system its performance is comparatively good. It has an accelerometer-based pedometer that can differentiate between walking and running. This sensor is advanced for exercise recognition. This device provides us more activity tracking than Misfit Shine 2 and Fitbit charge with better accuracy. 

2.Display :

This device has a 0.6 inch monochrome LCD with a 64 X 64 pixels screen and a button that needs to press to scroll among the time, date, steps for goal, steps taken, distance, calorie burn and weekly active minutes. So the VIVOFIT 3 provides us more information than the Misfit Shine 2 and Fitbit Charge.

3.Battery Life:

The Garmin VIVOFIT 3 has a battery life upto 1 year. So it does not require to charge  as it uses battery and we can also replace the battery after 1 year.


1.Phone Notifications:

The VIVOFIT 3 does not support WiFi and Bluetooth connection so it does not display us the mobile notifications. 

2.Touch Screen :

It does not support the touch screen facility. Instead of a touch screen, it uses buttons and it does not also support the color display. 

3.Other Facilities :

It does not have a heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, food tracking, floor climbing, music control systems such as other Garmin devices. 


Here, we have discussed the Garmin VIVOFIT 3 reviews and its design, set up, activity tracking, specifications, etc. Now according to the reviews of VIVOFIT 3, we may choose it for our daily life movement tracking. Though it does not have some features such as a heart rate monitor, touch screen, color display, GPS tracking, etc it has comparatively better performance than Misfit Shine 2 and Fitbit charge device. So, We can use it for our everyday life step and sleep tracking. 

Some FAQs Regarding Garmin Vivofit 3:

Can Garmin Vivofit 3 battery be replaced?

CR1632 battery is used for the device. Remove the band equipment. To remove the four screws on the back of the device, use small Phillips screwdriver. Insert the new battery with the side of the front cover on the negative side.

How do I know when my Garmin Vivofit needs a new battery?

Vivofit may be used for at least 12 months in advance of changing internal batteries. 
Two batteries are installed on the device. 
In most areas where watch batteries are sold these batteries of coin style can be purchased. 
In Garmin Connect, you will receive notification that the battery is low.

Which Garmin has the longest battery life?

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar