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Marley Spoon recently filed an Initial Public Offering to get listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Marley operates in the USA and in four other countries including Germany. They are currently targeting to expand in Australia. Marley Spoon knows that Australia is one of the strongest markets, so they should go for IPO to maximize their profit.

They decided to compete with their rivals Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. Marley Spoon partnered with the Martha Stewart and their counterpart Dinnerly. The company is expecting to gain a market capitalization of $152 million.

However, they are aiming to gain a rise of 70-million dollars But there are risks to adopting IPO. Blue Apron faces a lot of difficulties. So, everyone is looking how Marley Spoon tackles the challenges.

Purple Carrot going for 100% curbside recyclable packaging

Food Tech News

Purple Carrot is another name on the list beside the Marley Spoon. Like Marley Spoon, they also offer meal kit service.  However, they have an extensive plant-based meal kit service.

Recently in a press release, they declared about their new ‘100% curbside recyclable packaging.’ All there products that will be delivered to them will be 100% recyclable. Thus Purple carrot takes a giant step in mitigating the plastic packaging waste.

Stellapps bringing in innovation in Diary Management Services

Stellapps Technologies is an IoT-based company located in India, established in the year 2011. It raised $14 million Series B round. Series B round was led by two organisations-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and IndusAge partners.

It uses the IoT and the data analysis stack for the dairy supply chain. Stellapps uses automation, sensors, and machine learning to carry out the daily activities on the dairy farm. Stellapps uses IoT technology to monitor every activity from shipping to distribution thus facilitating the cow and diary management services. This helps farmers to take fast, effective, and smart decisions.

KFC with its vegetarian fried chicken

KFC with its vegetarian fried chicken

KFC has made a promise. They decide to cut the calorie of their food by 20 percent. They already started working on their grand plan. KFC recently developed a vegetarian version of their famous fried chicken.

They declared that they will add 11 herbs and spices and this new recipe will hit the restaurant in the next year 2019. The new KFC vegetarian fried chicken will make its debut at White Castle. It is now available only for the customers of UK.

They promised that within the next 7 years, they will come up with some more vegetarian based foods. KFC users all over the world will be able to taste their new recipe. But for now, only the UK people can enjoy the vegetarian version of fried chickens.

Beyond Meat are Selling Beef in more than 50 countries

Beyond Meat is a plant-based protein company. They plan to increase their production and sales in the upcoming years. So, they have decided to double their production rate which will certainly meet the growing hunger of the plant-based burgers. Beyond Burgers have increased their sales of beef burgers in several stores in California.

Beyond Meat sense, the demand for beef burgers and they are working accordingly for their introduction. Now everyone doubts whether they will be able to keep the pace till the end of 2018. They take orders to deliver beef burgers in 50 countries this summer. Get updated with the latest Food Tech News. 

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