Noise ColorFit Nav: The SmartWatch for a Smart Lifestyle, Now in India


Noise ColorFit is the new wearable smartwatch that is going to launch in India very soon. The device information is already revealed by its manufacturer, to the public. But, the company didn’t confirm the date of the launch. So, people need to wait to know more about the device. 

The advertisement for the device is just mind-blowing and catchy as well. They have hired the opening batsman of the Indian Cricket Team, the “Hitman”, Rohit Sharma as their brand ambassador. This will play a key role in device popularity. 

Technical Specifications

The Noise ColorFit Smartwatch has a 1.2 inch LCD display for installing applications and other functions. It is lightweight, waterproof (IP68), and rectangular in size. According to the experts, the smartwatch can provide its users with a 3 days battery life. It will come in three colour variants, black, blue, and red. 

In addition to that, it is dust resistant too. The smartwatch’s hardware comes with a motion sensor, a pedometer, and a built-in GPS. It also has the activity tracker that will show all of the user’s burnt calories, sleep quantity, running distance, heart rate, and many more. People have to connect with Bluetooth to their smartphone to use the device. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have USB connectivity. Furthermore, there are two best smartphone features that are embedded in the device. One is the camera shutter control and the other is music control. Android version 4.4 or above, iOS 9 and above are the compatible OS. 

The Official Teaser

The official teaser of the device is already out. People can watch it on various video platforms to experience at a glance the smartwatch. Not only in video platforms but also, the teaser is available on various commercial online websites for business purposes. 

Pre-Orders and New Updates 

As the teaser is out, all the commercial online stores are advertising regarding the acceptance of the pre-order. As the pre-order prevails, the company will inform people about the upcoming updates regarding the smartwatch.