Innovative food technology changing the way we eat

Sci-Fi Enters Our Kitchen

Food and eating habits have been through quite a lot of evolution, so has cooking. From raw to cooked and now processed food- we sure have come a long way. The Internet has made recipes available to everyone. People are experimenting with flavors creating new ones. Our kitchen is now loaded with gadgets and is now more inclined towards healthy food. All the innovations in the world or food technology is definitely impacting the way we eat.

food technology

The Role Of Technology

I remember an incident when I decided to recreate a recipe from a very famous chef that included sweet potato, something I never really liked and Brussel sprouts with cardamom. I never knew I could use them together. However, when I tasted the end product, I realized sweet potato isn’t really that bad. Also, Brussels sprouts and cardamoms are kind of like a couple, so good together. I discovered this for the first time all thanks to technology.

People today are getting more aware of the health hazards of consuming packed food. We are getting more inclined towards healthy eating habits. Each one of us is willing to move to the healthier alternatives; for example, milk. There is a handful of the alternative of milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk to name some. But they don’t carry as much protein and nutrients like the original milk. Thanks to technology, now there is a new kind of milk that is derived from peas. Pea milk carries the same texture and the same nutrients as the original milk. If someone has said this to me a few years back, I simply would have laughed it off.

Gadgets like air fryers have allowed us to have more healthy food without compromising on taste. We can now enjoy fried food without actually frying them and yet enjoy the same taste.

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The Sneak Peek Into The Future

Technology will shape the way we eat a bit more in future or maybe a lot more. MIT developed a sensor technology that can one day tell us which fruit or vegetable is ripe or which is rotten. They even might tell us which one of our oranges are sweetest on that day. Thus, we can consume that orange when we need instant sugar in our body.  

A pocket molecular sensor by SCiO will be able to tell us about all the nutrients in common food items with the data sent straight to your smartphone. It will help us in knowing accurately what are we eating and how it is affecting us.

In A Nutshell

Technology is shaping a huge part of our life. It has already changed the way we live and now, it is changing the way we eat as well. No matter what we do, flavor matters to us. Technology has allowed us to keep flavor, taste, and health together. We have been able to turn much of our food technology into healthy ones. Give some time, you never know, these big data could transform the Big Mac as well.