Will TV Cable Ever Be Free?

Will TV Cable Ever Be Free

In the US market, traditionally you don’t have access to content unless you have a pay-tv. It is quite strange when we compare it with other markets in the world. The satellite system is a significant source of content delivery for TV and the internet both, yet there is always a fear that this system might get damaged due to weather or something unforeseen. Despite this, the viewers who use the satellite system still render full support to it because it is quite dependable for the quality of services and the price it comes at.

Why do people use paid services?

It is a fact that most people buy a sports TV subscription only. Pay-Tv is a perfect option for such people to enjoy the live-action of their favorite sports. According to an estimate, about 90 million people living in the US prefer a pay-tv subscription over Netflix or Amazon. That’s quite insane! People love sports and it has to be the primary source of entertainment for most of the people around. You can check packages that cover everything you are looking for such as the Spectrum silver package that has all the sports channels and some premium channels. There are many when you start searching for it tailored to your unique requirements and within your budget bracket.

There are numerous reasons why people still prefer it because it adds value in more than one way into their lives. Starting from bundling up cable TV services with an internet connection or digital phone for availing great discounts to picking a basic package that offers everything at a reasonable price. Also, premium or on-demand content never goes out of trend, channel line-ups to cater to households and their unique demands under one bill to DVR services – some things that don’t come with alternative options. There still are plenty of reasons which is why people still have cable tv or pay-tv services and not planning on quitting on them anytime soon.

What is the source of entertainment for the masses?

Telecommunication is a traditional source of cable TV service that has divided its business into two sections i.e. content provider business and access network business. It might negatively affect the revenue they are generating through their subscribers. They should only focus on the access network business to keep on growing.

Nowadays, everything is digital. You have to make a connection with the cable service provider. As the competition is increasing day by day, you’ll find most of them free of cost or at a handsome discount.

Cutting the Cord and Switching To Streaming Services

There are several online streaming options that the internet provides. But you’ll be surprised to know that the Average Revenue per Unit (ARPU) of traditional pay-tv is much more than its competitors. I understand that the online streaming options are much easier to use as compared to the ones we have had been using conventionally for years. But they can’t match the profit that the pay-tv generates through its traditional TV services.

You have to connect the pay-tv service through a cable, but such is not the case with online services. However, you should have access to a network to provide you with an IP address. To use your streaming services, you need an internet connection that is steady, and unlimited so that comes with another price. Hence, your expense remains more or less the same or perhaps.

Does your TV have a digital tuner?

Forget those days when you have to open the box to get the signals in contact with your TV. There are about 50 broadcasters that are offering their services wirelessly. All you need is a digital antenna and a tuner in your TV to have wireless access to these channels. If you have a digital tuner, you can set that up using the manual and some online research, and voila! It is your free and legal TV!

Conclusive Notes

Cable TV services may not be free however there are ways to get hold of free content legally. Digital antenna being one of those while streaming options or online content gives unlimited content provided you have an internet connection with an unlimited data cap and is dependable while you consume all of the content.