Zoom Beats TikTok’s Record: Becomes the Most Downloaded App on AppStore

Zoom Beats TikTok's Record

Zoom is the video calling or video meet application that is made in the United States of America. Due to the China-India tension, the Indian government has already banned many Chinese applications including TikTok. This has degraded the reputation of TikTok worldwide. In this situation, Zoom picked up the perfect opportunity to catch people’s attention and that’s how Zoom Beats TikTok’s Record. 

According to some statistical analysis, people have downloaded Zoom 94 million times, which is 40% more than that of TikTok (67 million). There are also other applications that have been downloaded by people such as Google Meet, Messenger, WhatsApp, Netflix, and others. So, developing an app can increase your reach. Join the top mobile app development company to build an application that fulfills your goal and objective.

What Statistical Analysis says?

After the detailed analysis done by tech experts, the download and installation of Zoom reached its height. In Appstore, it grew from 22.6% to 9.1 billion downloads. On the other hand, in PlayStore, it topped 34.9% reaching 28.7 billion downloads. This is the worldwide average download statistics. 

After competing with TikTok and Pokemon Go, Zoom emerged to be the clear favourite. Experts have approximated that, in a singular quarter, the entire world has downloaded the app more than 300 million times. Only iOS users have downloaded it more than 67 million times. 

Sensor Tower’s Point of View

Both Zoom and TikTok’s record is very much impressive in their own field. The Sensor Tower has readily pointed out that there is no mobile app that has reached this download height. It is obvious that Zoom has beaten TikTok in an ultra-wide margin. 

Summing Up… 

For the first time ever, the apps of Playstore and Appstore have surpassed the record of Facebook’s applications. The pandemic situation has brought a drastic change in the mobile industry. TikTok was a massive entertainment platform for the people but now things have changed. Zoom got along with the situation perfectly and is also helping a lot of people who are working from home.