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Venlafaxine hcl er 37.5 mg tab. 2.5 tabs/day. I am a new client. also on zoloft. I was going to take the other version of this medicine, but I have a history of migraines and have seen people getting worse on this. I was wondering if there is a more effective version of this medicine that can help me cope with my migraines? Can you explain to me what the difference between your version and others is why yours better? Thanks! Thank you Answer Yes, you can have your prescription covered by insurance. You will have to show that you an illness related and your provider will need a letter from your doctor stating such. This is not a medical reason for your pain and migraines. A lot of people get migraine headaches and it takes a lot of effort from the person dealing with their pain or headaches. The person dealing with pain or headaches usually feels that it's time to have their pain controlled. Hi, thank you for writing to me. My husband works for a bank and he works on the weekends so we have three children. I recently had a child and took pregnancy test it came out negative. I started drinking coffee and then I had a headache, so took some more coffee and that made the headache go away. I have recently been having more headaches and I don't seem to be able relax until I eat. also have noticed a little bit of pain in my back and stomach I am starting to have trouble walking. How do I deal with this? I will tell you that if the pain is severe, should be treated by your medical provider. I will also tell you that I have read other people tried all sorts of things, including acupuncture, acupuncture and acupressure, they haven't worked. You need to work with your doctor find the best way to cope with your pain. You need to get in touch with your doctor and work on the medication or plan you are on. Hi, My husband takes Zoloft. He has to get it every morning and evening. Now he takes it with a few other medications. He is going to take the pills, but he always has bad headaches and he hasn't been able to sleep. Can you advise on what to do? He has a lot of work to do today. The thing about medication is you need to keep track of every single pill your doctor prescribes. You should monitor your headache and when the is very bad. If you have insomnia, keep a sleeping aid in your medicine cabinet. You will usually feel better after you have slept. However, must continue to get your medication ensure that it takes effect over the next few months. Thank you for your interest. I wish had more answers for you. I am on a daily dosage of Zoloft for the past few days and I am getting very high amounts of side effects that should be a warning sign of an adverse reaction to the medication. They include a very intense and long-lasting headache. I am taking Zoloft for a chronic condition called fibromyalgia. Is this an indication of the side effects that condition? I have read in online forums that other people have been prescribed this medication and it also causes side effects. Do you have any other comments regarding my response about the headaches? Your medications may cause headaches. This is why I would need to see your doctor and talk to them get some more clarification. I wish you drug prices canada vs us well and look forward to hearing from you. I am on the same medication. What is my dosage, and how often should I take it? am also getting migraines. I was on a different medication when I was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection. The infection recurred and I was on a different medicine for 4 days. Do you know what medications are used in urinary tract infections? If the medication you are taking also causes problems, call your medical provider. He or she could write down what they are. Please feel free to call and I will do my best to help. If it helps at all, I am on the Zoloft. have a few headaches. They do not go away, but they are manageable and not terrible anymore. Hello, I'm an 18 year old female. I have migraine headaches. am taking Zoloft, Xanax, and Vicodin along with a couple of cold remedies. After taking the Zoloft, I find that headaches are getting worse. I was under the impression that taking Zoloft would not make those headaches worse, but now I'm starting to think that it might. isn't just the headache that Zoloft.
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